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  • prod

    3 Ways Salesforce can Boost Your Productivity

    Increase customer satisfaction. Close deals faster. Manage resources efficiently. You may have an idea that Salesforce solutions are a good investment for managing customers and serving their needs, but have you considered that Salesforce can actually increase the productivity of your entire sal...

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  • centree

    5 Must-Know Sales and Marketing Predictions for 2017

    2017 brings new opportunities for marketers to drive demand and increase conversions. This year will be more important than ever for your sales and marketing teams: with customers having higher expectations, companies continuously competing to build long lasting customer relationships through video ...

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  • Security shield

    Is my data private and secure with Salesforce?

    Polls and industry analysts consistently cite security and privacy concerns as the most significant barriers to the mainstream adoption of cloud computing, especially among enterprise customers. In this blog, we highlight security features provided by Salesforce to ensure that your data is safe, sec...

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  • Forecasting banner

    What does accurate forecasting mean for SMEs?

    Sales forecasting is a key element in conducting your business. The realism that good forecasting provides can help you develop and improve your strategic plans by increasing your knowledge of the marketplace. The forecast that your sales team provides is the source of information that allows you t...

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  • Marketing Cloud banner

    4 reasons why SMBs should adopt Marketing Cloud

    Grow your business. Design highly converting campaigns. Spark customer conversations. Automate customer interactions.    SMBs struggle to do more with less, their margins are squeezed and choosing the right marketing tools to boost productivity can be a hard. Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the best...

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  • smellyfeet

    3 Steps to Jump-Start your Salesforce Career

     Work with Salesforce, the platform that transforms CRM across the globe. Today, over 100,000 of the world’s most innovative companies—small, medium and large- use Salesforce CRM. Aspiring professionals in the IT field have an extraordinary range of opportunities to find their strengths and be...

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  • Pardot banner

    Overcoming challenges in Media through Marketing Automation

    Embrace data. Personalise customer interaction. Ease your marketing campaigns through automation. The media industry is facing numerous challenges including significant reduction in the sales of newspapers, low circulation, reduced advertising revenues and various other challenges posed by digital ...

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  • Heroku blog banner

    4 ways Heroku will revolutionise your company

    "Better apps happen with Heroku" Heroku is developers' dream. It offers endless tools and add-ons to build and deploy modern apps - an all in one unified platform. Heroku speaks your programmatic language and integrates with Salesforce. It is open to any programmatic code and can be easily deployed...

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  • sfch

    Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions For Salesforce Admins

    If you’re a Salesforce admin or power user, listen up! There are many things to love about the Google Chrome Browser, including some great community-developed Chrome extensions meant specifically to enhance the Salesforce user experience. These can save you a ton of time and make your life a lot ...

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  • bex-blog

    6 Signs your Salesforce implementation project is doomed

    Is your Salesforce implementation project in danger of failing? These signs could indicate so. 1. You think: “Nothing could go wrong” The promise is always the same: once you follow the project plan, you’ll be successful. But the truth is that the average IT project (including Salesf...

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