How To Pass the Salesforce Developer DEV 401 Exam With Free Resources

Certified Salesforce Administrator London ADM 201 DEV 401 286x300 How To Pass the Salesforce Developer DEV 401 Exam With Free ResourcesI was thrilled to gain the Salesforce Developer Certification DEV-401 recently after passing the Salesforce Administrator ADM-201 exam. In this blog I provide assistance on how to pass the Salesforce Developer DEV-401 Exam.

The CloudSocius team collectively agree the Salesforce Developer DEV-401 exam is easier than Salesforce Administrator ADM-201.

I recommend taking the Salesforce Administrator ADM-201 first, although this is no longer a pre-requisite to the Salesforce Developer DEV-401 it gives Salesforce professionals a good grounding.


Resources to Pass Salesforce Developer Exam (DEV-401)


Specific Areas to Focus On

  • Master-detail relationships
  • Sharing rules and Org Wide Defaults
  • Assignment rules
  • Approval processes
  • Junction Objects
  • Workflows
  • Custom report types
  • Analytic snapshots
  • Validation rules
  • Field level security
  • Record types
  • Role hierarchy
  • Relationship rules


Master-Detail Relationships


Sharing Rules and Org Wide Defaults


Assignment Rules


Approval Processes


Junction Objects




Custom Report Types


Analytic Snapshots


Validation Rules


Field Level Security


Record Types


Role Hierarchy


Relationship Rules


General Revision Advice

1. Do no rely on external multi-choice practice exams, many are incorrect and don’t help
2. Dedicate time before work e.g. 1 hour prior
3. Avoid telling people when your exam is, avoids undue pressure
4. Do not multi-task while revising (Consolidation theory 1, Consolidation theory 2)
5. Paper based notes – short to long term memory is greater when writing
6. Sleep – get enough. Proven to enhance memory capabilities (& psychology today)
7. Take a personality test to understand how you take in information
8. Online test? If the camera isn’t setup correctly call Kryterion Support, save the number
9. Use a story based memory technique – World memory champion technique
10. Give yourself a reward – You’re more likely to focus

Other Great Salesforce Developer Certification Resources


18 thoughts on “How To Pass the Salesforce Developer DEV 401 Exam With Free Resources

  1. Thank you so much for this. I recently passed the Admin 201 this weekend. I’m feeling confident and need someone to keep me grounded. Do you think the training for 201 will suffice to pass the 401?



  2. Really handy set of material! I see you have the 201 material too – which is great (though I have my ADM-201 already) – any chance there will be something for the consulting certifications?

  3. Hey Rob,
    Thanks for putting together such helpful and useful information.
    I passed my ADM 201 exam this Saturday and am very confused about when to take the Dev 401. Since the study material for both is so interrelated, I would ideally like to take it within a week.
    Is there a certain time frame you recommend within which I should go for my Dev 401 exam after having taken the ADM 201?

  4. Wow .. new to Salesforce but focused on getting Developer Certification! This looks like an awesome resource and fairly up to date!

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